2005-05-18 14:23:49 - Delight

Delight signed a long term contract deal with Roadunner Records!

On 14 May 2005 the band took part in the contest BEST UNSIGNED GOTHIC ACT INTERNATIONAL on the Wave Gotik Treffen in Lipsk (Germany), organized by: the German magazine Orkus, Roadrunner Records, Wave Gotik Treffen and Mastersound Entertainment.

The winning act will get: a label deal with Roadrunner Records, album recording and production in Mastersound Studio under the direction of the producer Alex Krull (Atrocity/Leaves' Eyes/Mastersound Entertainment/Roadrunner Records), a full feature in Orkus Magazine and a live gig at WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN 2006.

The bands that participated in the contest:
Hallows End (AUT)
Crypt Cha (D)
Schacht (D)
Eisenherz (D)
Delight (POL)

The jury: Henk Hakker & Christian Klimek (Roadruner Records), Claus Müller & Kerstin Strobel (Orkus Magazine), Michael Brunner (founder of Wave Gotik Treffen), Alex Krull (Atrocity/Leaves' Eyes/Mastersound Entertainment/Roadruner Records) & Liv Kristine (Leaves' Eyes) & Robert Suss (Mastersound Entertainment)) elected Delight as the best band of the day!

Delight would like to thank to all the bands who played on that day in Agra Hall 4.2 - you were wonderful! Thank you for the fantastic atmosphere.
We hope to meet you at the concerts in the nearest future.
Good luck in your musical way!

2005-05-11 20:53:58 - Paula

CONCERTS: DELIGHT on WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN 2005 in Leipzig (Germany). Date:14.05.2005 (Saturday) at Agra Halle 4.2 Bands: 16.00 Doors HALLOWS END (A) CRYPT CHA (D) SCHACHT (D) EISENHERZ (D) DELIGHT (PL) (19.40- 21.10) 21. 00 DJS 16.05.2005 (Monday): RENATA PRZEMYK, CLOSTERKELLER, DELIGHT - Piastonalia in Opole. The concerts will take place in Opole Polytechnics Błonie. The concert starts at 17.30. 27.05.2005 DELIGHT in Skawina, Piast Cinema. More details soon.

2005-04-29 09:15:35 - Paula

2005-04-27 11:53:10 - Paula

2005-04-14 13:11:57 - Paula

As far as you have probably noticed, the look of Delight's Official Website has changed. New colour and all other elements harmonize with what Delight is TODAY. While respecting what has been and enjoying what is now, we are doing our best in our fight for the future and we're not afraid of taking a risk. One should not fear changes but meet them half-way.

I would like to express my great appreciation to i-Mages for working on the new site and for their full professionalism.

Also here I would like to thank people who for all this time have been supporting Delight, who have been taking part in creation and looking after our Official Website site: Wild & MX - Thank you for everything what you're doing for us! You're Delight's good spirits! Making use of such a special occasion, I would also like to announce that as of today officially the Management Delight consists of two people: Żana Siaczyńska (concerts and promotion in Poland) and Inka Kaźmierczak (concerts and promotion abroad).

Take care My Dears and see you out at the upcoming concerts!