2004-12-06 16:47:33 - Paula

The band's done touring with the Dark Stars Festival (16 gigs), where they played with Closterkeller, Moonlight, Desdemona, Via Mystica, Darzamat and Cemetery of Scream.

2004-12-06 16:44:47 - Paula

10.10.2004 is the day the new album, "Anew", came out.

The tracklist is:
Your Name
Set Me Free
The Pact of Silence
All That`s In Me
About You
Bare Tree
Sleep (instrumental)

The CD also has the 'Emotune' video, directed by Mateusz Górecki. The material was recorded in July and August in Skawina. (Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Jaro Baran). English translations of Paula's lyrics and in-studio language services by Krystian Aparta.

This album came out in two language versions - English and Polish ("Od nowa").