2006-03-03 23:10:08 - Delight


Our first album for Roadrunner Records has been produced by Rhys Fulber, famous for his work with Fear Factory, Paradise Lost, and Front Line Assembly, among many others. We came back from Gibsons, Canada (near Vancouver), where the album was recorded, on Feb 20th. We recorded fourteen songs, half of which are Anew material - the others are totally new. We didn't make a Polish version this time. As of now, we do not yet have the release date, the name of the album or the cover artwork - working on them all ;D Be patient. All the best, Paula & the band

2005-11-15 23:12:21 - Paula


In September, Piotr Szymanski left the band, for personal reasons. The casting for the new bass-player took a couple of weeks. Finally, we decided on Marek Tkocz (The Legacy). We\'d like to thank all the people who have turned up. Good luck with your carrers! Apart from the new bass-player, we have taken on another guitarist! His name is Grzegorz Gustof (ex-Middle Finger), and he\'s a long-time friend of the band. We\'re back to two guitars again. We are going to play our first concert in the new line-up really soon (Warsaw, 26.11.2005, as part of the BYE tour with Moonlight and Dive3d). Hope we see you there!

2005-09-07 12:27:31 - Paula

Delight in studio working on brand new songs!

The band is working on a new demo material for the forthcoming album in Gorycki & Sznyterman Studios (www.fpgs.pl) in Cracow. The fifth Delight’s album is due to appear in 2006. It will consist of many re-arranged songs from the "Anew" album, as well as some new compositions. Right now we’re working very hard, and soon you’ll be able to hear it.

Paula: "At the moment we have a demo version of the new songs ready, and I’m pretty sure that they’re the best songs Delight has ever made. What’s interesting, is that we changed the way we used to work in studio in the past: we have a producer - Łukasz Gorecki with us. Each and every day the four of us (Łukasz, Jaro, Cube, Paula) meet and work really hard on every note, word or even breath. Our friend, Krystian Aparta, is the author of the new lyrics. Currently we’re working on the English version of the album. I just can’t wait to show you this new stuff!".

Jaro: "I’ve been working with Gorycki & Sznyterman for some time. Together with Łukasz we form a producers’ group and we cooperate with many Polish bands. Now we’re working on new Delight’s album together, as I’ve figured that for the first time Delight needs a man who wouldn’t be a formal member of the group. He has a perspective of an outsider, which helps us a lot- together we achieve greater results. As for Delight’s studio line up, the four persons Paula mentioned above form it."

Delight would like to thank Audio Tech company for lending Brauner VMA microphone for the recording session of the album (www.audiotech.home.pl).

2005-06-24 21:00:13 - ŻaNA


On the 13th of July in Stodola club in Warsaw Delight will perform a concert before a cult metal band, Soulfly. The band leaded by Max Cavalera, a former leader of legendary Sepultura, will be promoting their latest longplay "Prophecy" and a recent DVD "The Song Remains Insane". However it is likely for the audience to hear a few tracks from the forthcoming fifth Soulfly's album - "Dark Ages". Delight will heat up the atmosphere before the performance of the main act along with two other bands - Hunter and Mech.

2005-06-08 12:33:13 - ŻaNA

Next Monday (13.06) in the Jazz Rock club in Krakov for the first time there will be a live performance of SoundQ (Cube’s band). Q is an atmospheric mixture of electronics and clubbing trance rhythms with a melodic male vocal. The sample of their music you may find by clicking: >SoundQ<. The support will be the duet Suspense Modes.

The concert starts at 20.00

Join us!