The beginnings 1997 - 1999:

The band was formed under the name SATOR in 1998 in Skawina, a small town near Cracow, Poland. The first line-up was: Paulina Maslanka - vocals, Jaroslaw Baran - drums & guitar, Sebastian Wojtowicz - guitar, Piotr Szymanski - bass and Tomasz Polczyk - keyboards. After a few-months' work the band recorded their first demo tape "...And Remember", released by the underground label Eternal Blackness (as a split record with AT DOMINE). Soon after the demo had been prepared, Daniel Kaczmarczyk joined the band on drums. In the renewed line-up the band worked on and recorded new material for a full-length album. After a year of preparation, the band was able to get 10 songs ready. These songs were to be included In the first LP by the re-named band, DELIGHT. Unlike with the first demo, the new songs were entirely composed, produced and recorded at a home studio by Jaroslaw Baran.

"The Last Temptation" - 2000:

Very soon afterwards, the band signed their first long-term deal, with the Polish rock and metal label, Metal Mind Records. That is what brought about the necessary name-change. Just before the LP's release, drummer Daniel Kaczmarczyk and key-board player Tomasz Polczyk decided to leave the band. Nonetheless, they would still participate in the recording process as session players. The replacements were Tomasz Baran as drummer and Barbara Lasek as keyboard player. On November 12, 2000 Metal Mind Production released Delight's debut album - Last Temptation. Summer 2000 had been Delight's first gig at the Castle party in Bolkow. Several months after the release, the band began preliminary work on their next LP.

"The Fading Tale" - 2001:

A year after Last Temptation had premiered, Metal Mind released the band's next LP. The album, consisting of nine tracks, was entitled The Fading Tale. The new songs were recorded at Jaroslaw Baran's home studio. Jaroslaw had once again composed, produced and supervised all the material. A bonus track was a cover of George Michael's Careless Whisper. The band went on promotional tour as support act on the Polish's band MOONLIGHT Tour.

"Eternity" - 2002:

In August 2002 Delight recorded their third full-length album, Eternity. The album premiered in October 2002, with a bonus Polish song Wieczny final supplementing the eight English tracks. The Polish lyrics were an adaptation of the poem entitled Wieczny final by Polish poet Halina Poswiatowska. In November, Delight toured their home country with ARTROSIS, MOONLIGHT, FADING COLORS and DESDEMONA as part of the Dark Stars Festival 2002. Right before the tour, drummer Tomasz Baran left the band, with Piotr Wojcik coming in to take over. After the 2002 tour, which reached all the major Polish cities, Barbara Lasek left the band, with Jakub "Cube" Kubica becoming the new keyboard-player.

"The Last Tale Of Eternity" - 2003:

2003 was a very busy year for Delight. The band played a gig at the Metalmania Festival 2003 in Katowice as well as at a Polish TV Studio in Cracow. Both the concerts were videoed to be part of the upcoming DVD release. In May 2003 DELIGHT player several concerts in Germany, alongside ALVAREZ PEREZ, EXPRETUS and UNIVERSAL MIND et al. (Leipzig, Berlin, Dresden). The end of the tour brought another change in the line-up, as Sebastian Wojtowicz decided to leave the band. In the summer of 2003 Delight began working on new material, playing at the tenth instance of the Castle Party in Bolkow later that year. The DVD release, entitled The Last Tale Of Eternity, came out at the end of 2003, featuring the Metalmania 2003 and Krakow performances, as well as additional videos (Carving The Way, Stained Glass), an interview, audio tracks and extras. Delight went on tour with the Dark Stars Festival 2003 to promote the release, appearing alongside CLOSTERKELLER, MOONLIGHT, SACRIVERSUM and STROMMOUSHELD.

"Anew" ("Od Nowa") - 2004:

The fourth LP In the band's history premiered October 10, 2004. The album was recorded in two language versions (Polish and English). The band went on tour to promote the new material with the Dark Stars Festival 2004 with CLOSTERKELLER, MOONLIGHT, DESDEMONA, CEMETERY OF SCREAM and VIA MISTICA.

Roadrunner Records - 2005:

On May 14, 2005, Delight played a gig at the Wave Gotik Treffen Festival in Leipzig, Germany. The gig was part of a contest, and Delight won the title of Best Unsigned Gothic Act International. The event was organized by the German magazine Orkus, Roadrunner Records, Wave Gotik Treffen and Mastersound Entertainment. The jury presiding were Henk Hakker & Christian Klimek (Roadruner Records), Claus Müller & Kerstin Strobel (Orkus Magazine), Michael Brunner (organizator Wave Gotik Treffen), Alex Krull (Atrocity/Leaves' Eyes/Mastersound Entertainment/Roadrunner Records) & Liv Kristine (Leaves' Eyes) & Robert Suss (Mastersound Entertainment). Delight were voted the best band of the event, earning a long-term contract with Roadrunner Records. Delight were the first Polish band to be signed by that rock / metal / alternative label. On July 13 Delight co-supported SOULFLY at the band's concert in Warsaw. On August 31, Delight played at the Metal Hammer Festival, alongside bands such as KORN, OPETH, LACUNA COIL, HUNTER and MECH. In 2005 Delight commenced preparation of their new material. Paula and Jarek worked at the Gorycki & Sznyterman studio in Cracow, honing the new demo, with the help of producer £ukasz Gorycki and Krystian Aparta, who co-authored the lyrics for the new album. In September 2005, the line-up was altered again, as Piotr Szymanski was replaced by Marek Tkocz as bass player, and the band was joined by an additional guitar-player, Grzegorz Gustof.

Working on the new album - 2006:

The new material is currently being worked on with Rhys Fuller (famous for his work with FEAR FACTORY, PARADISE LOST and FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, et al.). The recording took place in Febuary 2006 in Gibsons, Canada. Out of the fourteen songs, half of which is Anew material, and the other half are new songs, this time recorded in one language-version only. Paula and Jaroslaw were aided by session drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen (DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND), with Shaun Thingvold as the sound engineer. The material was mixed by Greg Reely (PARADISE LOST, FEAR FACTORY, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, SKINNY PUPPY, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY etc.), and mastered by Kai Blankenberg (DIE TOTEN HOSEN, DIE HAPPY, GUANO APES, PARADISE LOST, WITHIN TEMPTATION etc).

In May, Delight played at the Wave Gotik Treffen once again. Sadly, a long-time member of the band, Piotr Wojcik, left in July, and Ziemowit "Ziemo" Rybarkiewicz took over as the drummer. The new line-up played at the 15th Castle Party in Bolkow and at the Hunterfest in Szczytno in August. In august, the band was a new photo-shoot, done by the famous German photographer Erik Weiss (Coldplay, Green Day, Tori Amos, Deftones and many others). In December, Delight did a video to the song "Divided" directed by Dariusz Szermanowicz (Grupa 13#).

"Breaking Ground" - 2007:

The new album, "Breaking Ground" was pre-released in the band's native country of Poland on January 15th, and is going to be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in February.

Current line-up (February 2007 on):